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Dorna McDoanld May

Dorna McDonald May

"What interests me is the revelation of mystery - the energy of life, the power of nature, which is at once both horrific and exquisitely beautiful. My intention as an artist is to have no intention. I allow the paintings to create themselves."

Dorna is celebrated as a painter and creator of art and life, known for her creative oil works of nature and unfiltered surreal introspection. Her dedication and honesty to her craft parallels the passion behind the brush.

Fearless to be vulnerable and bold, unwavering in her commitment to the cycles of life, her talent was only matched by her desire to create and her generous heart. 

This massive collection represents the majority of completed artwork from her early works as a student to her final pieces. The purpose of this website is to give Dorna's life's work a home and to be enjoyed and to inspire. It has been diligently preserved and documented in hopes of sharing her work for generations to come. Any profits from the sale of these pieces or prints will go to the ongoing preservation, storage, and maintenance of her large body of work. Donations are accepted and appreciated. For quotes or inquires please email.

Thank you for visiting, sharing, and keeping the spirit of Dorna as alive as ever.

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Dorna McDoanld May

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